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1. The blatant use of disruption to keep a group or individual from falling or staying asleep.

2. To cause disorder in one's circadian rhythm as a result of direct or indirect obstreperous actions.
John: Hey Steve, are you alright? You look like hell...

Steve: Not really man, I was up all night studying for finals. I finally went to bed around 4:00 AM only to be awoken at 7:30 AM by an act of circadian terrorism.

John: What do you mean?

Steve: Well, my neighbor seems to enjoy hiring bands of workers to stand outside my bedroom window before the crack of dawn and hammer things.

John: Wow, that fucking sucks.

Steve: Yeah.
by big tall giraffe December 16, 2010
A warning, which implies the presence of a hungry-looking overweight individual, to retreat from the area as quickly as possible.
Bob: Shit dude, do you see that fat chick by the vending machine?

John: Yeah man, she looks hungry as hell!

Bob: Fall back to the keep!
by big tall giraffe November 24, 2010
A female who is currently undergoing PMS, or her menstrual cycle.

An angry period monster, or APM, often exhibits the following characteristics, including, not but limited to, violent mood swings, irrational behavior, frequent irritating text message sending, being annoying, ruining your day, destroying your concentration before a test, and just being an overall bitch.

Also called angry menstruating monsters, or AMM's (pronounced "AY-DOUBLE M").
A typical text message conversation between a male and an angry period monster:

(9:43 AM) APM: can't wait to see you this fridayy!
(9:45 AM) Guy: yeah, can't wait
(9:46 AM) APM: you know what, fuck you. you're a fucking asshole.


(9:48 AM) APM: wtf is your problem asshole??
(9:51 AM) APM: you know what? im just done. bye.
(9:54 AM) APM: are you fucking kidding me? what the fuck is your problem?
by big tall giraffe February 16, 2011

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