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2 definitions by big stunna stan

***pronounced (boach cool)***

a man who loves other men. also, this man has hardcore sex with male senior citizens. they can also be know for giving midgets a rusty hacksaw. a person who is a boach cull is not usually a very good basketball coach. in fact, they lick the sack at it.
man that boach cull over there is fucking stupid ass. he cant coach basketball and he fucked all the men at the nursing home.
by big stunna stan April 25, 2007
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a person inserts a tootsie pop into his/her partners asshole. the partner then proceeds to shit all over it. it is then coated with ejaculatory fluid and fed to the other partner. then, you ask he/she how many licks it takes to get to the middle.
i fed my girlfriend a dutch lollipop last night with an extra load of shit on it and it took her 27 licks to get to the center.
by big stunna stan April 25, 2007
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