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Work refers to selling drugs/illegal contraband. It can take on multiple forms:
1.)noun. Work is any large quantity of drugs/product (clothes, shoes, bootleg dvd's/cd's, electronics, etc.) that is purchased with the intent to resale in multiple, smaller amounts, to turn a profit. This is as simple of the concept buyingwholesale: buy bulk and save, sale small and profit.
Specific to drug terminology, work is denoted as a large supply - one that will allow multiple deals (as in to earn a living, work).
2.)verb. "Work" is the act of selling/hustling drugs, pussy, bootleg cd's, or anything else a person can think of.
3.) adjective. Often (especially with cannabis) "work" is used to describe product that is not very high grade or desirable from connoisseurs.
noun - "Yo is anything good around?" "Yeah but i'm down to a quarter oz, no work available right now."

verb - "I got me three ounces so i'm puttin in some work."

adjective - "This buds ok, but it isn't chronic." "Work is work" "yeah i know some kids that will buy it, let me get an ounce"
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by big sean ak big sperm April 05, 2007
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