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Yankee Doodles:
a sports bar in Santa Monica, CA.
on the 3rd st promonade
billiards, food, booze, and foozeball
ask for Sabrina!!!
in conversation:
-yo, you tryin' ta chill at the doodle tonight?
-nah, that Sabrina chick is wack, I'm goin ta Q's

as a statement:
Brad is the big pimp at the doodle
by big pimp November 20, 2003
a player who loves the hunnys and gets the same play back
Richard Nickerson
by big pimp June 17, 2003
a person of asian decent
ie. (asian persuasion)
yo that suasion chick is tight!!!
(that asian girl is hot)
by big pimp November 19, 2003
first round draft pick for the Raiders

a jack in the box "toy" for your car antenna also see best player on the Raiders
-Yo, the Raiders got Antenna ball!!!
-He's kinda small!
-Yeah, but he's free!
by big pimp November 20, 2003
hands down....it's Antenna ball
the best player on the raiders is antenna ball
by big pimp November 20, 2003
"the doodle"
a sports bar in santa monica ca.
on the third st. promonade
let's watch the Raiders game at the doodle on sunday....
why?...Antenna Ball aint even playin'
by big pimp November 20, 2003
lick my balls very gently
jiggle deez nutz in your mutha fukin mouth
by big pimp August 13, 2004

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