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When a girl is a total Hoe

Man that girl is a slank
by Big Papa Pump September 01, 2004
A Blajia is the fat hanging down on a obese person covering their junk, also called a tool shed because it is covering their tool
My Computer teacher has a huge Blajia/Tool Shed.
by Big Papa Pump September 01, 2004
S.A.S.C When somebody stinks beyond anything you can think of. It stands for Sweaty Ass Smoking a Cigarette
Adam smells like a SASC
by Big Papa Pump August 31, 2004
When you are hitting a girl doggie style and she reaches around and holds your balls from slapping around.
I was hitting this chic last night and she gave me the trailer hitch!
by big papa pump July 26, 2004
When a girl is giving you head and she puts your sac in her mouth and rolls it around.
This chic gave me the cement mixer last night
by big papa pump July 26, 2004

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