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always keen for a laugh. christas think thier intelligent but usually they are quite dumb and have no common sense. but then they will study something intense like law to make people think they're smart !
Christas will have brown skin and naturally brown hair and thier eyes are a mouldy green. they also will be peitite but with large orangatang tities which are fun to squeeze !
BUT they will only let Tom's squeeze them because toms are amazing and have big cock-o-sauras's ! Christas love Toms and they have so mch fun and usually kinky times together!
girl 1: omg that guy and girl over there are having so much fun together its maing me lactate!

girl 2: yeah im jealous, they look so happy - they look like a tom and christa - im moist!
by big ol babe July 29, 2012

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