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The female equivalent to (ie:Rock out with your cock out ;Hang out with your wang out)
Having such a great time it's hard to explain it with words. (ie:partying too hard; having too much fun)
Just relax babe, and jam out with your clam out.
by Big Nasty July 03, 2004
mess around; screw up
dont triplate in my house
by Big Nasty October 12, 2003
Ya Mother
It is a term to refer to ya mother
My Grandma Daughter did raise no sucker
by Big Nasty March 24, 2005
what's up; thas some crazy shit
What crack-a-lackin; this party is straight crack-a-lackin
by Big Nasty October 12, 2003
can normally be found in the barn getting his dick steamed or jerking it to a briggs and stratton motor
stizzle went to the steam museam to get his dick steamed
by big nasty August 03, 2004

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