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A loose, fun woman that lets you bury your Matterhorn on every ride.
I went out with Celeste last night and she let me ride every ride; even the tea bag! I was a bit dizzy and my bags were empty after that ride. She really is a mans Disneyland!
by big kev 79 July 21, 2011
Associated with a mans Disneyland. When the mans Disneyland you are attending has crabs. Stay away from splash mountain and the bear country jamboree as they are in very close proximity to critter country. Disclaimer: Not every mans Disneyland has critter country. Whenever you do board the log ride, raise your bimini top. You don't want that kind of burn.
Dammit, I went to mans Disneyland last night, but I didn't ride the log ride because I thought it might go through critter country and I didn't bring my bimini. No lotion will soothe that kind of burn!
by big kev 79 July 21, 2011
This has a double meaning depending on how big of a douche bag you really are. The first meaning is, the point at which you decide to unleash the beast as opposed to keeping it caged. This is done without knowing what your date's reaction will be. The second meaning is, when confronted with the possibility of becoming insta-dad, due to lack of trust or your bad luck, close to copulation due to the fact that your retarded ass forgot a rubber.
Dibble: Hey what do you think of my little pee-pee?

Jen: Oh my God its tiny but you know what they say "When in doubt pull it out".

Dibble: I'm gonna jizz but I don't want to contaminate the world with my seed!
Tamara: Well when in doubt pull it out i guess?
by big kev 79 July 21, 2011
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