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Bukkake is a Japanese term that refers to showering
a receiver with sperm from one, several or many men
the jap chick closed her eyes and enjoyed the bukkake that covered her with gobs of cum
by big johnny July 09, 2002
short for Be Right Back.. cyberspeak most likely originated on AOL
BRB i'm takin a crap
by big johnny July 09, 2002
A sketchy place where local kids go to get high, drunk, burn stuff, and be jackasses.
Hey, lets go down to the shed and get fucked up.
by Big Johnny December 17, 2003
emergency..urgent to return the call when put into a pager
by big johnny July 09, 2002
Wonderfuly delicious nuggets. Amazingly kind chronic. Good Weed.
Damn cuz, those are some hellas luscious buds. We need to light that shit on fire asap.
by Big Johnny May 11, 2006
An amazingly potent strain of marijuana.
Yo son, go grab my bizzle we gotsta fire up some of this shiva i just got.
by Big Johnny January 09, 2005
barracks, the place where enlisted military live
we going to the club or back to the b's?
by big johnny July 09, 2002

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