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During the Egyptian revolution of 25th January, places like Tahrir Square, Suez and KFC, and names like Wael Ghonim, Omar Suleiman and Hosni Mubarak have grabbed the attention of the world. But just hours after the Egyptian people toppled their regime, the focus had switched to a single person - the ‘guy behind Omar Suleiman'

Some say this man participated in three past wars and died twice before. Some say he is the Intelligence commander in the former Soviet Union. Some say after the fame of the guy behind Omar Suleiman, Omar Suleiman decided to change his name to become the guy in front of the guy behind Omar Suleiman.

All we know is that he is a strong, honored, trustworthy, amazing, feared, awesome, respected, cool guy.
A guy sees Omar Suleiman walking in the street.

Guy: I wish I was cool enough to have The Guy Behind Omar Suleiman stand behind me.
by big fan of the man behind Omar February 15, 2011

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