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when your fart and shit at the same time.
when you are with your friends and one of them farts,and said fart sounds so wet you look at them and ask"did you just schart yourself"
by big e 6996 March 03, 2010
red rod is when a guy preffers to fuck women that are ragging(haveing there period)
he likes to fuck em on the rag,i bet hes got a red rod
by big e 6996 March 05, 2010
when something is soo good,it makes you want to jizz.
her ass looks soo good in them jeans,shes jizzerrific.
by big e 6996 March 04, 2010
when you jack off in some ones mayo and watch them make a sandwich with said mayo
my friend pissed me off,so he got manazed
by big e 6996 March 08, 2010
is when a guy has a on a pair of blue jeans and gets a massive boner that feels like the its going to burst through his blue jeans.
did you see her ass?dam i got a button buster.
by big e 6996 March 05, 2010

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