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The nilly sandy is one of the tastiest morsels/snacks ever created. Created by placing anything between two vanilla waffers to create a sandwich effect. Reccomended fillings include fudge, peanut butter, jelly, chocolate, icing, and even more nillies (ie. the double and triple nilly sandy).
Dude, can you fix me up a nilly sandy, I've been hankering all day for a tasty treat.
by big donny May 14, 2007
A Jrad is someone with more than just a basic skill set in the aestetic arts. A jrad knows what it takes to get the best out of a visual concept. The Droppy and Slammy are the Jrad's primary weapons, and will use them at will to destroy a lame layout.
That Jrad dropped a wicked droppy on that devilish slammy!
by big donny April 12, 2007
Those wicked, sick, shadows placed behind copy and images in print to make them explode off the page with a force only nuclear bombs can rival.
That headline has a wicked droppy on it. (short for drop shadow)
by big donny April 12, 2007
When you want to cap off a sentence in a way that only the most bad ass expression will accomplish, you use a slammy. Some slammies have devil wings and fierce droppies, and some are simply there to say, "Ya, that's right. Bitch". (AKA an exclamation point)
End that with a Slammy!
by big donny April 12, 2007
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