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A cig nig is a person who never buys a pack of cigarettes however said party will continuously bum cigarettes from friends and strangers during various social situations, particularly parties.
Jon: Hey dude, can I bum a smoke?

Frank: Yeah . . . that's straight, bro.

Jon: Thanks man.

Frank: Dude, FYI your a giant cig nig.

Jon: My b . . .
by big dick boss January 05, 2009
A Big Kid Job is one's first job upon completing college or some other form of higher learning. Essentially, this job is the beginning of an actual career rather than continuing along a string of shitty, unprofessional, or unskilled positions.
"Hey man, did you guys hear that Bob just got his first big kid job? No more boozing until 3 AM on Wednesdays for him . . ."
by big dick boss January 31, 2009
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