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burnnin rubber with large crowds in a parkin lot. haning out of your car from driver side. bouncin car up and down.
foothill to coliseum sideshows east oakland!
by BIG DICK December 21, 2003
of sweedish background meaning a combination of bitch whore slut and skank sorry about the spelling errors i'm spelling this while drunk
Katie Nixon is a borslank
by big dick May 27, 2004
one who has a huge knob
that lucky bloke over there is a robaldo!
by big dick August 30, 2003
word i just made up .2 seconds ago just so I could say I got a word yo and its on the 1nt3rn3tz0r
my favorite word is dikawaka
by Big Dick June 18, 2003
1.my overgrown 14 inch dick
2. Thing all girls wanna suck
3. Device used for fucking
Wanna suck my cumweaser !!!
by big dick August 01, 2004
Im a jizz-cucumber
by big dick June 19, 2003
when you stick a knife in a person's asshole for sexual pleasure. then you lick the shit off the knife.then inserts it into the penis and makes it come out the ass.
look at that burner bitch.
by big dick April 22, 2005

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