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diarhhea: pissing out yer asshole, montezuma's revenge, hershey squirts, etc.
Homeboy had the animal shits so bad he painted the ceiling!
My dawg had to take off from the party to find a gas station in which to perform animal shits.
I feel a wicked slammin' case of the animal shits comin on from them pre-mades, homegirlz!
#diarhhea #montezuma's revenge #hershey shirts #ass #poop #shit
by big dawg chairboi April 06, 2008
A hardcore prick. Indonesian. Drag raced professionally, a devotee of hos over bros, a cheap motherfucker, and a constant compulsive masturbater. Dwells with parentals, has zero luck with punanis, twats, cunts, or any clamlike part of the female anatomy.
Ya he monned out on our plans so he could stay home and bate.
Quit being a fucking mon, you met her through me. You did NOT find this party so shut the FUCK up!
#indonesian #gossip #ghetto #drag racing #mon #stefanus
by big dawg chairboi September 15, 2008
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