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65 definitions by big d

crying/sad smiley
variant of ;_; or T_T
bob: I thrashed your car
steve: ,>_<,
bob: rotfl
by Big D March 11, 2005
5 9
canadian term for cocaine
BUAYO!!! daylight come and I can't sleep.
by Big D February 22, 2005
0 4
to ejaculate
Dude, she let me nerp on her boobs!
by Big D February 20, 2004
53 58
You want to so badly, but you just can't, or something prevents you from doing so.
He asked me to meet him in the orchard and make love, but I had to say nocando, I'm married.
by big d March 03, 2005
6 12
the act of recieving fallatio from a red headed individual who you believed to be female. when the red wig falls off in your hands you look like a baker holding a raspberry pie with a surprised look on his face.
The jarhead in the corner of the Bangkok bar is sad because he just recieved his first raspberry surprise.
by Big D January 29, 2004
4 10
This is an expression used to describe a person when they are boring, nerdy or unbearable and you have had enough, enough! Hence "nuffnuff".

After spending hours listening to the office bore laughing at his own jokes, I cracked under pressure and said to my friend "I've had enough of talking to that nuffnuff"
by Big D September 01, 2003
5 11
Suburb of Rochester New York. Located about 10 miles of down town Rochester.
Yo that fly DJ Hyp is the ruler of Spencerport. He has all the honeies wantin his fine ass, and all the homie wantin to be him.
by Big D March 20, 2005
17 25