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65 definitions by big d

to close friends not of kinship
hells angels bikers started it
aka bfdm
me n him is brothas from different mothas
by big d January 11, 2005
13 5
A sexual practice, most likely between two men, in which the goal is for the one to insert his actual head into the anus of the other. This is accomplished by the receiver having his spincter muscle severed by a knife, so his ass cheeks more or less flap apart. The giver then lubes up his shaven head and goes to town. It is uncertain whether this practice is supposed to be (more) pleasurable for the giver, or the receiver.
Raoul had to go to the doctor's to have his butt cheeks sewn back together after he was finished helmeting.
by Big D June 15, 2003
33 25
Someone who says or does something stupid.
You are a cockotter
by Big D March 15, 2004
10 5
1.type of physical action that takes place when a goofey or "special" person runs. Usually a very embarising site for the performer, yet often hillarious to those who witness the action.
Mike Rodriguez is such a butterish run.
by Big D October 21, 2004
6 2
The operator of a small bulldozer. Usually runs the machine to build logging roads. Has nothing to do with chinese food.
"Ackz0r! Teh CAT skinner ran over meh f00t!"
by Big D November 17, 2003
10 6
Originally the term used to describe the ruthless gangsters of Compton, but now it refers to the invincible Matt Dollar and his non-chalant, yet unforgiving, style of carnage. Matt Dollar currently attends Santa Clara University in Sunny, Beautiful California.
The ice blood killa himself dropped by mah hood shouting slurs at me, while beatboxing and eating crackers at the same time.
by Big D January 03, 2005
10 7
A fat persons dance.
We can can still lean back even though we are 400 pounds.
by Big D December 23, 2004
13 10