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Curse used in extreme frustration, most commonly by guys named Al.
"You sonofabitchinbastard!!"
"I can't find that 7/16" wrench. Where is the sonofabitchinbastard?!"
"So, the other day I was on Circle Drive, and this sonofabitchinbastard is diddle-assing along in the left hand lane...."
by big chopper July 31, 2003
To dawdle, most commonly followed by the word 'around'.
"Quit diddle-assing around and get to work"
"I was stuck behind this peckerhead that was diddle-assing around"
"Joe would get a lot more done if he didn't diddle-ass around all day"
by big chopper July 31, 2003
An abbreviated, bastardized version of the word 'vagabond', usually used as a nickname
"There goes schnag in his semi again"
"Does schnag know how to drive a forklift"
by big chopper July 29, 2003
Any crappy type of hole.

There was a bobcat operator named Verkerk who couldn't drill fence post holes worth a damn.
"He's digging that hole in Verkerkian fashion"
"Schnag had hoped to blast a big hole in ground with that stick of dynamite, but it ended up pretty Verkerkian"
by big chopper August 04, 2003
A person or thing from Saskatchewan
"Hey, that Calais has sasky plates on it!"

"From her incessant talk about the Roughriders, it became apparant she was a sasky girl."
by big chopper August 04, 2003

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