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lebanon is a city in missouri that has a very large amount of drug bust for meth. most of the people here like to jump people instead fight one on one. i live here i know what it is like in the city but out side it is nice with lots of rivers
i hate living in lebanon missouri.... ( later that day) this is so much fun i love the river!
#missouri #meth #leboanon #bad commnity #drug bust
by big bunny c- big jc February 24, 2010
a very small gang in Lebanon Missouri not know to most of the people there. they were green crosses on there jackets and are very violent toward any body that talks trash on them or there members
3 guys jumped my friend. his girl friend found and beat them all! really? yeah see was one of themid west reapers
#midwest reapers #midwest #reapers #green crosses #lebanon gangs
by big bunny c- big jc February 24, 2010
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