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Sarah the most beautiful and unique girl you will ever lay eyes on. Always be alert when you come in contact with a sarah they are very dangerous and abusive but do it out of love. Dont ever lie to a sarah this may cause death or serious injury. Sarah is a very tall and an outgoing person and loves to make people happy. Sarah is very cocky and thinks she can beat you in everything, but she cant. If you ever date a sarah treat her with respect and she will make your life amazing and change you for the rest of your life. Very compatible with jakes she is almost attracted like a magnet to them. Sarah is the funniest person you will ever talk to and she will keep you talking countless hours about the most random things. If a sarah does not like you, you will know it. Long story short sarah is the shit and if you dont have her in your life find one quick you wont be complete without her.
Sarah is the cats meow", "Ya i want her in my life right Meow
by big bird33 November 22, 2010

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