11 definitions by big bear

to masturbate with either lotion or vaseline. i perfer vaselinf because it makes your penis soft and smooth for the ladies.
i gotta go grease old mr. meatstick before my date with Mry
by Big Bear June 16, 2003
A funny way of just saying, beat off, jerk off, or plain old masturbate
i'm gonna go to your mother's house and cock the magic pistol over her forehead
by Big Bear June 16, 2003
1) short way of saying, "THER YOU GO" or "WHAT"S REALLY GOOD" after trying to prove a point. 2) what you say when u see a girl with a nice and/or fat ass.
1)"I got $500 dollars in my pocket, BONG!!'
2)"BONG!! She on J.Lo statis, boy"
by Big Bear July 21, 2003
to mastubate; to beat the fuck off until your dick starts crying
i thought i was slammin to britney spears, but it turned out to be gilbert godfried in a wig
by Big Bear June 16, 2003

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