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2 definitions by big bad dele

A 'klaxon' is a man who is in a relationship with a women who is far superior than him in terms of looks and personality and he is punching far above his weight
person 1:Look how fit she is over there
person 2:yeah mate shes bang tidy,whats she doin with that ugly bastard tho!
person 1:yeah what a klaxon that bloke is!
by big bad dele May 04, 2010
25 15
A hair-do that is extremely rare. a desperate attempt for people to demonstrate how unique and different they are.very common within 'indie' teenagers.
person 1:has that lad shaved half of his hair off or am i seeing things?
person 2: yeah what a dick,he clearly thinks he looks cool
person 1:i hate how common rare-do's are becoming nowadays!
by big bad dele August 01, 2010
8 0