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5 definitions by big andy C

someone who loves to munch forcefully on the asses of unsuspecting victims
kyle snuck up from behind and ravaged my bum hole, what a turd burgaling ass bandit
by big andy C April 27, 2007
a person who indulges in the fine taste of bum nectar
erik wrangles alot of bumholes for their sweet juices, he is the biggest "ass wrangler"
by big andy c April 27, 2007
A sandwich which consists of an abnormal amount of onions that makes you cry
kyle and his dad sat around listening to simple plan eating their emo sandwiches crying their little emo heatrs out
by big andy c December 08, 2007
homosexuals prancing around in the nude
Erik and Kyle took off their clothes and gay romped in the rain
by big andy C April 27, 2007
juices that flow from your anal glands that are sweet in taste
while erik was licking my ass "bum nectar" started to run down his chin
by big andy c April 27, 2007