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4 definitions by big R

when u cum on a girls face and than shave your pubic region throwing the pubes on her face
you gizz on a girl's face and shave your pubes and throw them on her making her look like abe lincoln
by Big R August 29, 2003
81 71
a person half negro and half chicano
my mom is mexican and my dad is black, that makes me a nigano
by big R September 25, 2004
8 4
A kick ass music and file sharing program and its Free!!
I downloaded that New 50 cent CD on share bear before it even hit stores!
by Big R March 26, 2005
10 8
pimp cane
the gold-plated blingin canes that the pimps carry with their furs and perms
by Big R August 30, 2003
21 37