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18 definitions by big G

five dollars worth of weed
went to the hood to pick up a nickand blow a blunt
by big g November 04, 2003
one who is sure to perpetrate evil acts on everyone in the vicinity
my boss is fully committed to evil
by big g June 04, 2004
If a person is a twat a lot then they are certified as a twatbox
Ah thats it you twatbox, im gonna smash your granny's armchair now
by BiG G May 23, 2004
anything good in this world. also used as a question to take palce of a verb. can be used as a substiiitute for saying the male organ.
I would definitely like to rinx the shit outta that girl. What the rinx is that? Ima take my rinx out and slap this bitch across her cheast.
by BiG G April 05, 2003
Used as a verb, it means to seriously fuck someone up, man.

As a noun, it can be used interchangeably with sandwich, as long as you are talking about a highly luscious sandwich.
Man, I smammaged your ass in AOK:TC last night.


I eat my smammage with lots of mayonnaise.
by big G February 06, 2004
Somebody done a bunch of speed
Look at that bia geeking over there, that hoe been cleaning for hours.
by Big G October 15, 2003
a distant relative to The Hamburlger; cousin to the Turd Burgler; gay brother of Zoro

easily identified by his tendancy to wear big-ass ol' eye-glasses (non-perscription, "it's only for decoration...")
only a melander would do something as gay as that.
by big G August 18, 2003