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5 definitions by big B-F

This is a form of telling someone (usually a guy) to hit on the opposite sex; most of the time looking to only have sex.
"Scott go smash that!"

"Are you gonna smash that?"
by big B-F June 29, 2009
to leave quickly, like a trout. most likely used in an awkward situation.
john:"are you leaving already?"
sally: "uhhh yea peace out brown trout"
by big B-F June 29, 2009
an alcoholic layered shot made the same way as a duck fart
it consists of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish cream with mint, and vodka in this order.
"dude that Russian duck farted in my mouth"
by big B-F June 29, 2009
This is a phrase used to tell some one to get a piece of ass, or to go talk to that person in a sexual manner.
"Scott go get after that, she wont be there forever."

"Get after that, and smash that!"
by big B-F June 30, 2009
1. a person that is a main leader or a highly regarded member of a gang.

2. also is commonly used between friends as a friendly reference to each other
"hey what up gang star"

"damn what a gang star"
by big B-F June 29, 2009