35 definitions by big Al

small creature that burrows up through the meatus(pee-hole) and slowly eats your penis away from the inside
1) damn guys, i think i lost it. my cialis wouldnt even work last night, i must have a dick weasel.
by Big Al March 10, 2005
middle caliber gun equivalent to 38.
i popped him wit my 380
by Big Al May 04, 2004
Freestyle rap.
"dont mess, when i spit, ill beat you down with my keys"
by Big AL April 05, 2004
a huge blunt
yo we was fina blow a stogey before the boys had rolled on us
by big al September 02, 2003
to dip your balls into a persons mouth while they lay on their back with hot water in their mouth.
I did some tea bagging with Melanie last night but stopped when the water got cold.
by Big Al June 25, 2004
Its what homo's like to call the alpha male's genitiles.
Wow hallo sailor , where did you get the huge jobby jabber, god gave you a gift!!
by big al June 06, 2004
The art of the "butt fuck"
I just bufu'd Susie last night!!!
by Big Al September 15, 2003
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