35 definitions by big Al

when something is over,dying
If u fuck wit me its gonna be curtains.
by Big Al May 04, 2004
act of shitting your pants so bad that it goes everywhere and gets on everything
1) oh shit guys, i just went crap-nasty all over myself
by Big Al March 10, 2005
a BMW 745
You see my boy kickin it in the new quarter to eight?
by Big Al September 19, 2003
crackpipe, glass stem
man u broke my horn
by Big Al May 04, 2004
The dried vaginal secretions that can appear around the clitoral area of women who do not bathe themselves.
Damn, did you see the crust on that bitch?
by Big Al September 15, 2003
If you've never been to Alabama, don't go around actin' like you know all about it. If you're puttin' down Alabama you're probably some stupid yankee that has to have the government support your family. when you're down here it makes all your worries go away,everything is just so relaxed. you can sit on your front porch and just chill out all day. So what if most of us are rednecks, we are the best kinda people to be around, we can show you a great time and we are friendly. If you move down here i'll bet that the first day you're here that you will have at least 10 neighbors come by and welcome you, that probably wouldn't happen up in yankeeville. Think twice before you put down alabama again.
Tuscalusa--Home of the Bear
by Big Al January 11, 2005
Being a drag queen, being able to rub your chest all day long while moaning
OMG, you so magik !!!11 one one LOL
by Big Al July 03, 2003
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