35 definitions by big Al

vigorously masturbate
i jerk the gerkin' everyday
by big al December 10, 2003
The cornhole, or as it's more commonly known, the Booty Hole
I just jackhammered Mickey Mouse in the doodoo hole, and it was amazing!!!!
by Big Al November 03, 2003
A true fag. That's for sure. Especially with a name like Mirza.
Look at that "exoid."
Look at that "true fag."
by BIG AL March 25, 2005
A crapulous festoonery of unimanginible proportions of snackiness with some ass, sweet succulent ass added for snacktacular perfection. Also, a target of homosexual attraction.
That guy is such an ass-snack....did you see his flagrant use of his forpoopstacka?
by Big Al August 30, 2003
another word for dick; a well-worked dick that is very powerful
1) hey girl, wanna take a ride on the iron pipe of fuk-nasty
2) man with the iron pipe of fuk-nasty, i can drive shit into the ground
by Big Al March 10, 2005
CRAZY ASS BITCH if she IMs u over aim talk to her its a good waste of time... seems like a bot but its really a person
ME: r u gay?
fategirl0417: No Im Theresa
by Big Al August 16, 2004
All around nice bloke! Enjoys mild, and makes humerous 80's programming related picture jokes...
I had a pint of mild with burt gummer
by Big Al June 17, 2004
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