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key_secret is tha man!
i think he's very key_secret
by big October 04, 2003
The top baseball organization around played in the Richmond, VA area.
The BBA is a great league to play in.
by Big July 18, 2003
Is a schoolin colrado were their is a lot of wannabegangsterass shit talkers but has a good football team also fullmeanass sluty girls.
I fucking hate overland
by BIG December 08, 2004
Braggin woman, Cronnic bragger, talks about fedex and loves the cock from radio shack
<+toidi|go-sox|> |3a that toid you moron, i go by toidi
by Big October 27, 2004
An Arab. So-called because, stereotypically speaking, they blow themselves up.
Call 911. I see another firecraker.
by big April 15, 2005
Refers to how locals in Hawaii are big/fat/dumb. Used by locals similar to how blacks use "nigger."
I'm not racist. I just hate fucking Mokes.
by big April 15, 2005
Aka Condom, dom
Put that fukin tarp on before you harp that gunt!
by Big May 11, 2004

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