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the inability to sleep..

aka hell on earth
my ass has had insomnia for almost 2 years.. i take mad pills, but they dont help, but u can sell amitryptlene so it works out =)
by Big Robert February 15, 2005
A jaw thats easily broken, or about to be broken
dont talk shit, you had better watch that glass jaw
by Big Robert March 06, 2005
the mark thats left after u get a nasty ass cut from your last knife party
Scars are souvineres you never loose
by Big Robert March 02, 2005
1. the fee paid to a hired killer
2. money acquired from life insurance policies of your "loved ones"
1. i only got 200$ of blood money after killing mikes father

2. my grama died and i only got 50$ in blood money! wtf?!
by big robert November 23, 2004
when 2 people stand outside in the blistering cold and pull eachothers ears untill one admits defeat
play metal gear solid 1 for playstation.. vulcan raven tells u
by Big Robert March 04, 2005
Someone who gives a loan and then charges insanely high interest rates, making it inpossible to pay back
john didnt have the money so tiny mike the loanshark broke his legs with a bat
by Big Robert July 22, 2004
a fight, between two males
thats it, you wanna do the man dance? the first dance is yours
by Big Robert April 10, 2005
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