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24 definitions by big nation

when you swim under water towards a group of unsuspecting people, pull your trunks down, stick your ass out of the water then fart and water shoots out your ass.
something I did on saturday night while about 10 Guinnesses deep.
by Big Nation May 12, 2003
44 9
someone who goes to the bathroom or leaves the bar, when it's his/her turn to buy a round.
Dude! how come every time it's your turn to buy a round of beer, you go to the bathroom, play the poker machine, or leave?
by Big Nation March 28, 2003
53 23
When you take a shit on the hood of someones car
Willy was the victom ov Vehicular Hammercide
by Big Nation March 28, 2003
14 4
When someone drops a deuce on the beach
WILLY! you did not just sand hammer under that chicks towel, did you?
by Big Nation March 27, 2003
13 4
What you blast all over your girls ass, chest, face and stomach right after you retract.
The $ shot in every porn movie
by Big Nation May 29, 2003
12 4
A chick who has a flappy set of pancake titties, that when you try to lick her bell button you gotta separate her titties like a curtain
I thought that chick had nice titties, but when I took off her bra, they fell down to her waste. I went to lick her bellybutton and I had to separate them like a set of curtains. I was almost ready to look for a draw string.
by Big Nation March 28, 2003
22 14
MAN: a dude who has hair poppin out his collar.
Woman: A broad who has glitter all over heer titties
Yo willy! Kev's got a disco chest

Damn girl, all that glitter all over your tits. I'm a call you disco chest
by Big Nation March 28, 2003
8 2