21 definitions by big johnny

Kinda funny, but not really funny enough to actually laugh at.
ummm.... I guess it was laughish, but I trip all the time.
by Big Johnny March 20, 2006
for sure.
big johnny is da shiznit, Fosheezie
by big johnny July 09, 2002
A very attractive woman who happens to have children. Also known as a Milf.
Damn cuz, look at that awesomommy!
by Big Johnny May 04, 2006
An amazingly potent strain of marijuana.
Yo son, go grab my bizzle we gotsta fire up some of this shiva i just got.
by Big Johnny January 09, 2005
Shortened version of the word "herb," a slang term for marijuana.
Hit dat urb son. Damn dat shit is tha mothafuckin bomb boy.
by big johnny January 28, 2004
PTB refers to the P-Town Ballers the original band that contained most of the original members of the Kottonmouth Kings. P-Town refers to Placentia California where several members grew up.
Once again I said it, my name's SD
It's just another day of a P-T-B
by Big Johnny January 07, 2005
bed..see fosheezie and heezie
i kicked the biznitch out my beezie fosheezie!
by big johnny July 09, 2002

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