31 definitions by big daddy

Someone who wants to make you their bitch
Big momma adult movie
by Big Daddy March 15, 2005
Redneck bastardization of the term, "I'm going to."
"Ammo tell you what boy!"
by Big Daddy April 28, 2004
A group of hoes taking their hands and moving them in a back & forth motion. As if you are brushing something off of your shoulder.
Wipe a pimp down and give me my money bey-atttch...
by Big Daddy April 09, 2003
Carney folk, a poor, stupid, useless, idiot.
What do I look like a simeone?
by Big Daddy June 24, 2004
To ejaculate all over your bitches face
I just bucackied all over my bitches face
by Big Daddy February 06, 2004
A country hick MFer that cries and moans into a microphone with twangy musical accompaniment.
"Ammo teh you what! That boy is a DANG good sanger!"
by Big Daddy April 28, 2004
When Mr. Teeds mom releases noxious carcinogenic odors from her flapping meat wallet as she passes by.
Is there a rotting carcas in here or did Teeds mom walk in the room?
by BIG DADDY December 02, 2003
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