31 definitions by big daddy

Yes son, that is correct.
Are you my Daddy?
Fo'sheeding my seeding
by big daddy April 13, 2005
1. any hip-hop or spoken word artist with a speech impediment, such as a lisp, cleft palate, stuttering, or wolling awers.
2. Elmer Fudd's attempt at rapping.
Hey, Elmer, I didn't know you were a wappah.
by Big Daddy August 21, 2003
Female sexual organ.
I fucked her in the pusskus.
by Big Daddy March 01, 2004
To lose all dignity in a vain attempt to conciliate financial debt by temporarily selling one's most valued possessions to good peoples for pennies on the dollar.
"Yeh, I wanna pawn dis ring." (or "Yes good sir, I would like to borrow some money in exchange for my ring.")
by Big Daddy January 28, 2004
a process in which the brain and nervous system decreases in functionality
stroke would be an extreme example of this, numbness of a limb, pain down a limb, decrease sensation or decrease motor pathways are also types of examples
by Big Daddy September 22, 2004
SOmething so random and so amazingly great no words can define its greatness
The dog's radiotrialversionworthiness made it the highlight of the party
by Big Daddy December 16, 2004
You'r in the woods. It stinks. You smell Wood. You smell Pussy. It must be "woodpussy"
"dude, what's that stink?"
"Smells like WOODPUSSY to me!"
by Big Daddy July 06, 2003
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