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Originally the term used to describe the ruthless gangsters of Compton, but now it refers to the invincible Matt Dollar and his non-chalant, yet unforgiving, style of carnage. Matt Dollar currently attends Santa Clara University in Sunny, Beautiful California.
The ice blood killa himself dropped by mah hood shouting slurs at me, while beatboxing and eating crackers at the same time.
by Big D January 03, 2005
scrotum; sack
Tim Newman likes to dip his yambag in hot nacho cheese.
by Big D April 08, 2003
Having a hard on; a boner; an erection.
This fine ass girl came up and started talkin to me. all of a sudden I was sittin' on bone.
by BIG d April 03, 2004
Chrashing Down Rolling Over The Friggin' Floor Laughing My Friggin' Ass Off So Hard That I cry And Choke Pissing My Pants This Is Nuts

this is used when you are "really" choking/gasping for breath from laughing
tony: you got so drunk at that party last night, that we had to drag you back home

jimmy: cdrotfflmfaoshticacpmptin

tony O_0; *waves wtf flag*
by Big D February 21, 2005
Blown away by someone's actions or thoughts.
I was boondazzled when Leroy tried to run from the blue-boyz after being cuffed!

Einstein's theories still boondazzle scientists to this day.
by Big D November 05, 2004
the term used for someone in a pimped out ride with iced out rims and a gucci interior.
Master P is settin on chrome.
by Big D June 05, 2003
Used to describe a person that is either acting like:

A) A huge pussy
B) An annoying dick
C) A bitch
D) A combination of the two.

Can be pronounced -ass instead of azz.

Unfunny when said incorrectly
By not smoking the ganja, Steve Bowers is acting like a pussyazz bitch
by Big D March 09, 2003

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