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65 definitions by big d

scrotum; sack
Tim Newman likes to dip his yambag in hot nacho cheese.
by Big D April 08, 2003
A mega-cool, bitchin' mopther fucker who gets all the ladies.
If we hang out with kisska tonight, you know we gettin skrunk and tippin' some pootang!
by big d January 14, 2005
Having a hard on; a boner; an erection.
This fine ass girl came up and started talkin to me. all of a sudden I was sittin' on bone.
by BIG d April 03, 2004
Fastest car you can buy for under $22,000. 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, does the 1/4 mile in high 13's. Simply an amazing car and loved by car reviewers world wide for it's smoking performance and low price.
1.)Yeah, Johnny Dickweed spent $35,000 on that 350Z and got smoked by Dustin in his bone stock SRT-4 at the track.

2.)Yo did you see that SRT-4 smoke those riced out Civics? He didn't even have any mods doen and ran a 13.8 at the track!!!
by Big D March 20, 2005
Chrashing Down Rolling Over The Friggin' Floor Laughing My Friggin' Ass Off So Hard That I cry And Choke Pissing My Pants This Is Nuts

this is used when you are "really" choking/gasping for breath from laughing
tony: you got so drunk at that party last night, that we had to drag you back home

jimmy: cdrotfflmfaoshticacpmptin

tony O_0; *waves wtf flag*
by Big D February 21, 2005
Blown away by someone's actions or thoughts.
I was boondazzled when Leroy tried to run from the blue-boyz after being cuffed!

Einstein's theories still boondazzle scientists to this day.
by Big D November 05, 2004
Means to kill somebody, leave em dead, you know how them flies be all over the body, cuz they stankin
"What you want me to do?" " Jus leavem stankin man, forget em"
by Big D November 13, 2003