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The land were the n00bs live.
noob: liekomg roxors yor boxors omgwtfbbq
dude: stfu noob, run back to n00bia
noob: ,>_<,
by Big D March 15, 2005
breakfast for the l33t supa h4x0rs

it has a shiatload of teh sugar in it
bob: I'm famished, gimme something to eat or I'll devour your dog.
joe: o_O;; *waves wtf flag* have some l33t flakes
bob: lmao
by Big D March 16, 2005
in basketball terms, to get shook up very badly with the crossover dribble or a tight trick such as something off And-1.
Jeffrey broke Bens ankles in a game of 32 tips yesterday.
by Big D June 05, 2003
A sexual practice, most likely between two men, in which the goal is for the one to insert his actual head into the anus of the other. This is accomplished by the receiver having his spincter muscle severed by a knife, so his ass cheeks more or less flap apart. The giver then lubes up his shaven head and goes to town. It is uncertain whether this practice is supposed to be (more) pleasurable for the giver, or the receiver.
Raoul had to go to the doctor's to have his butt cheeks sewn back together after he was finished helmeting.
by Big D June 15, 2003
a term used for something very cool, tight, or outa dis world.
same as: -off da hook
-off da chain
term used only in the hood.
by Big D June 05, 2003
place where a jerk is produced, put through riggerous asshole testing and once certified, sent out into society
slow drivers are probably from a jerk factory
by big d May 01, 2004
funny enough to roll over the ground laughing
you must construct additional pylons
above poster is roflable
by Big D February 18, 2005
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