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This thread is useless without pics

Used on forums when someone says they seen something really cool but doesnt post pics to back it up.
Guy #1 I saw this hot lil asian chick today!

Guy #2 TTIUWOP n00b!!!
by Big D May 18, 2004
n. When a female has diarrhea in her sleep and it slowly seeps into her vagina overnight. When she awakens in the morning, she finds that the diarrhea has solidified inside of her vaginal canal. This produces an effect similar to that of camel toe, as the nature of the hardened feces causes the exterior of the vagina to resemble the facial structure of the burrowing Australian marsupial, the wombat. This appearance combined with the helicopter sound made when one stricken with wombat copter attempts to urinate without properly cleaning the vagina accuratle defines the word.

The word wombat copter emerged in the eleventh century during the unfification of the Burmese provincial Kingdoms in the region today known as Burma or Myanmar. King Anawratha the Great officially unified the Burmese states in 1044 and set up his new throne in the city of Bagan on the Ayeyarwaddy delta. After converting to Buddhism in 1056, Anawratha went to war with the Mon town of Pegu in order to secure the holy Buddhist Tripitaka scripts from Mon ruler Manuha. As the battle for the Tripitaka raged, the Baganese warriors summoned the strenght of a mysterious Burmese fruit in order to win the war. The warriors ingested these fruits with the hope of attaining great strength, but in reality only managed to drug Pegu prostitutes after having sex with them. These prostitutes, servicing the Baganese army by the thousands, all became drugged while having sex with the Baganese men. When the men awoke the next morning, they found themselves in a hallucinatory state which was postponed due to their high stamina in comparrison with the Pegu women. When the warriors saw the hardened feces in the vaginas of the prostitutes, they assumed that the women with their strange vaginas had induced their hallucinatory state. When the Pegu villagers launched a counter-attack that very morning, recovering lost ground, the myth of the evil wombat copter began. The warriors named the condition of the women havan-bannksue, directly translated as rodent spears, for the appearance and violent urination. The powers of havan-bannksue became central to Burmese cultural tradition for generations, and rival the powers of geesed in Eastern religion. "Wombat copter" later emerged when an Australian anthropologist living in Burma in the 1970s incorrectly translated the phrase while being told the legend.
Damn, the bitch has mad wombat copter.

Nick Chun observed that his grandmother had wombat copter when she queefed in his face.

Smell that wombat copter?
by Big D March 25, 2005
a "very" happy face/smiley
girl:like I just got me a puppy A_A
guy: o.O
by Big D February 23, 2005
a full time 25 year old art student who still lives in college dorms.
***** is lives in dorms with 18 and 19 year olds, he needs to get a job, can't hide from the real world forever.
by Big D May 02, 2004
the tightest basketball court in america, come here if you want broken ankles or to get embaressed
the bone crusher kills rucker park
by Big D August 11, 2003
A term used to describe those with Down's Syndrome, who for some reason also have no facial hair.
My downsy cousin ate all of my fucking cookie dough.
by big d February 16, 2005
a person with bad taste and little knowledge of nice cars that believes they can join the "import scene" with their busted-ass cars (usually a slow domestic or very old import). they proceed to then add usually cheap (see: American Products Company) aftermarket parts to include loud mufflers, the biggest cheapest spoiler, windshield washer LED's, altezza tailights, light up tire valves, an array of stickers from companies who wouldn't even talk to them about sponsorship, and maybe even nice rims. these individuals will drive arround in their junk cars and believe they are cool and chicks/guys are checking out their cool cars when in fact they are glad they aren't in the car with them being laughed at also.
cool guy 1: man, did you hear that ricer redneck drive by?
cool guy 2: how could i not? it sounded like he was driving a weed-eater at full throttle. i think he was late for work at the taco bell again.
by Big D October 07, 2004

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