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Thick, ductile, nimble lumber
Shea carried in the Weedle Wood into class and scared the living daylights out of all of her students.
#weedle #wood #weedle wood #wedle #wedle wood.
by Big Country Kellogg March 22, 2007
A three dimensional cone that has its point cut off to a certain portion. Like the thing an elephant stands on at the circus, or a lampshade.
LaTonya: Yo Daunte, take dat frustrum off yo dick.
#shape #geometry #ebonics #lamp #elephant.
by Big Country Kellogg March 24, 2007
A marshmallow sandwich cookie produced by Nabisco. A graham cracker is covered with a fluffy cloud of marshmallow, then covered in a hard chocolate shell.
Dee Dee: Mama, I want my mallomars mo den my holiday grits.
Ebony: Ok Dee Dee, but watch yo pounds. Too many of those is finna clot cho vessels.
#cookie #snack #dessert #ebonics #soulful.
by Big Country Kellogg March 24, 2007
A pork based dish composed of soulfood ingrediants such as extra sticks of butter, rice porridge, green been extract, and others. Usually served in the deep south at barbeques, and other social events. Can be prepared: fried, deep fried, or extra crispy and sometimes eaten raw. Derived from the fact that wholesome mothers usually are ones who serve this food.
Genesis God: Auntie, you gizzah fix me my mamapork?
Auntie Mary: Nah Nah Genesis, you all of 12 years old, and you is expecting you own child any month now. You's best know how to fix dis mamapork by you lonesome.
Genesis God: Yes'm, Auntie.
#upshurs #soulfood #chitlins #ham hocks #mallomars
by Big Country Kellogg September 01, 2007
A synonym for the following words:
Going to
Fixing to
About to
D'Mofre: You boys gizzah study for you arithmatic exam?
Cedric: Yes, mama, me and Goo gizzah do as we told.
(Later that evening)
Cedric: Yo Goo, you on dat dro?
Goo: I perfer chronic smoke. Man, we gizzah be higher den a tall tree after dis.
Cedric: Man, we gizzah do history and break dey Guinness book.
#ebonics #straight #finna #black #chronic #dro.
by Big Country Kellogg March 24, 2007
An honorable nickname given to anyone of African decent.
Yo Shoshanda, I'm finna call you Jiggaboo Nappy if you win the mamapork eating contest being held in Charlotte this weekend.
#nappy #rutckers #ebonics #bof #shoshanda
by Big Country Kellogg August 18, 2007
Been Believing (to).
Jacquend'lon has not been doing well in school. She skinna that she was finna fail the semester for as long as she can remember.
#borf #baby soda #steak #thomas #losa
by Big Country Kellogg February 06, 2008
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