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also known as a nigger
god damn shvartza stole my am/fm radio
by Big Cock Donn February 18, 2005
America's First American Bad Ass. Remembered for spray painting penis's on garages in 8th grade. Is now currently being signed to atlantic records with a 2 million dollar signing bonus. Is still wanted in colorado for killing a man AND fighting a bear itself.
jer bear doesn't need to go to college cause he's getting a 2 mil signing bonus
by Big Cock Donn February 18, 2005
See Tony Tampon

Is known as a big slut around the chicago land area. Starred in a low budget porno film also starring UV Blue Max and Maitly Faffe.
dude, she's almost as big of a whore as sally sit-ups
by Big Cock Donn February 18, 2005
Also known As DUI Freddy. Known for wearing a backwards white sox head and repeatedly using the word "dirt" to describe anything and everything
That chick is so dirt
by Big Cock Donn February 18, 2005

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