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3 definitions by bifty shugger

A word to describe a person with nose and chin of equal length(or pointiness)
i.e. that person is hoinky.
famous examples include David Wheater, Noel Fielding
'The gentleperson had a very hoinky complexion'
'His chin was the same length as his neb.
Hoinky get.'
by bifty shugger March 04, 2009
Sergio Aguero.

'Kun Aguero, Atletico's prize asset'
by bifty shugger March 04, 2009
An accusation of pemming, or being an exponent of pem.
Meaning you stink, smell, pong, whiff, honk, hum, or have woffty lines following you.
But 'you pem is 100 times worse than these examples.
'You pem, you pemmy get'
by bifty shugger April 10, 2009