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No matter what a guy has or who he is with, he is not satisfied.

Grant's Law is derived from the actor Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant was lving with Elizabeth Hurley one on the most beautiful woman in the world and wasn't satisfied. So he picked up a crack 'ho on Sunsent Blvd.
Dude 1: I can't believe Nelson. He is with that hottie Cicely for six months and she caught him with making time with that hood rat Heather last night at the club.
Dude 2: It's Grant's Law. Guys are never satisfied with what they have.
by bifloman January 26, 2006
Another way to tell someone get out of your face or to stop harassing you.
Chick 1: Was that you making time with my boyfriend last night at the club?
Chick 2: You better log-off sister, he's my boyfriend now.
by Bifloman July 18, 2008
An Apple snob. A person who uses only Apple products.
Dude 1: A can't believe Vista keeps crashing my computer. How do you deal with it?
Dude 2: I use a Mac.
Dude 1: You're such a snopple.
by Bifloman July 18, 2008
Describes the act of writing emails or instant messages. Talk for the IM generation.

I have to jet, we'll type about your girlfriend when I get home.
by Bifloman September 29, 2006
Back in play after a period away, figuratively or literally, from friends and family. The term originates from prison and is slang “general population” where prisoners live when they are not in solitary. It has been co-opted by pseudo gangsters who are really just suburban white boys
Dude 1: Playa, where you been?
Dude 2: I was grounded for bad grades.
Dude 1: Welcome back to gen pop.

Dude 1: Cicely and I finally broke up, I am back in play
Dude 2: Welcome back to gen pop, playa.

Dude 1: Playa, where you been?
Dude 2: I have been studying so hard, I feel like I was in solitary.
Dude 1: Welcome back to gen pop
by Bifloman January 19, 2007

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