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4 definitions by bidou333

Cousin to a Dirty Sanchez. Unlike the Dirty Sanchez, the poop is extended beyond just the female's upper lip to also include the rest the area surrounding her mouth, much like a full mustache.
So I pulled out of her brown eye and proceeded to give her a Dirty Sanchez, next thing I know I'm sticking it all over her face and she's good a Filthy Gomez.
by bidou333 May 11, 2004
Code for "the butt" or often implying "in the butt" for extra coding. May also be referred to fully as "in dabut"
So you've done dabut before? I mean all the way...
by bidou333 August 20, 2006
Music that is soft and rock, but it is obviously that it only exists because stupid women like it. Other similar terms include pop-rock, pop-punk, and Creed.
Fuck the radio, all they play is cock rock!
by bidou333 May 07, 2004
Derogatory word for someone originating from the United Kingdom.
I hate those damn pikeys, they always lick ass and are the last to stand up for their rights.
by bidou333 July 14, 2005