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1 definition by bickle1990

Taxi Driver is an all time classic film from the 1970s, starring Robert De Niro and a whole rememberable line up.

De niro portrays one Travis Bickle - a pyschotic, porn obsessed insomniac who is a recently discharged marine veteran from vietnam.

The story follows travis as he meets a beautiful young women named Betsy, and then becoming obsessed in saving a young 12 year old prostitute (Foster) from her pimp, and escaping her life of drugs, gangsters and murderers. This is essentially Travis' way of cleaning up the mean streets of New York City - and oh my does he do it in style. This must be watched if your over 18!
Person #1 'Hey, ive just seen Taxi Driver 33 years late'

Person #2 'Cool, what did the kids think of it?'

Person #1 'The kids, you must be joking!'
by bickle1990 June 12, 2009
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