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Noun. A regular user of twitter, a web site and service that allows people to post short text messages. The label is not necessarily pejorative.
Even though I've never met him in real life, I know all sorts of snippets of this guy's life because he's a twit.

I just had a twit stop in the office and say he's been following my updates.
by bibliophagist April 17, 2008
When more than one person arrives independently and nearly simultaneously at the answer to a problem or query (usu. of an arcane or perhaps geeky nature). May also be used as an interjection. Cf. jinx.
"Each of you tweeted the answer at about the same time -- it was a shasta."

Person A (shouting): "The answer is T. DeWitt Talmadge."
Person B (just as loudly, at nearly the same instant): "The Reverend Doctor Talmadge!"
Person C: "Shasta!"
by bibliophagist April 16, 2008

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