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companions in champagne drinking. like compañeros, but inference is that it relates to friends getting completely and totally shithoused as a group.
Bronson really lit it up with his champagneros on their wine tour in the Russian River Valley. After the second pole dance with the vehicle in motion, the bus driver had to pull over kick his ass.
by bhbronson August 12, 2010
A person who's head is cropped significantly smaller or larger than the rest of the people surrounding them in a yearbook or composite photo.
Homey: "Dude, look at Adrian's head in this composite photo. That thing looks like the goddamn Goodyear Blimp."

Buddy: "Yeah, he's a total photard. I think the cameraman got the framing wrong during photo day, but there are also rumors that he inhaled several massive hits of helium just before that shot was taken."
by bhbronson October 02, 2010

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