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A phrase used to make others aware of who's COOKING!

A mental place where you're brain is running at its highest level of power. In the zone x10. After marinating on something, you find yourself IN THE KITCHEN!!!

dubbed by Pro bmx rider Pat Laughlin, aka Big Daddy. HITEMWITIT!!
Wow, the tri-cep extension on that x-factor was huge. He's IN THE KITCHEN for sure!!
#pat laughlin #bigdaddy #big daddy #kitchen #bmx
by bgeeezy July 09, 2010
A BMX manuever when you get in the air, cross your arms and follow your heart.

To be completed properly you must have weight lifting tri-ceps.

dubbed by Pro Bmx rider Pat Laughlin aka Big Daddy
Wow, that X Factor was legit!!! Tri-ceps were hugeee!!! He must be in the kitchen !!! HITEMWITIT !!
#xfactor #x-factor #bigdaddy #big daddy #inthekitchen
by bgeeezy July 09, 2010
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