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music which "tries" very hard to become real rap, but sadly it doesnt make the grade. many new "Rap Songs" seem to be landing into this category, songs such as "Crank Dat", "King Kong" and "Chicken Noodle Soup" have landed in the thick of the Crap Rap Action... also noted are the TERRIBLE dances which tend to be associated with the songs
Person #1: Man did u hear that new Soulja boy song?
Person #2: Ye i did, man that muthafuckin song SUCKS!!! And dont even talk about that muthafuckin dance...
Person #1: dat shitz definately CRAP RAP
by Beyenne October 08, 2007
the merging of the word relax and chill, can be used as either a adjective or verb.

to breeze or chill. happens alot when people are high and u relill whilst watching ur friends do cunt or reysole
Guys all high in the basement:
Dude RELILL and check out jerry he's high a a mo'fucka and hes doing shit again. (verb)

Im just here relilling. (adjective)
by Beyenne March 21, 2008
conjugated from the phrase "silly girl". a phrase used to describe a very silly girl or female in general. also a name used to describe Kia and Liane
yo that girl is foolish... what a filly stirl
by Beyenne May 19, 2007
Quok Vet (n.) the sexual organ of any gender
Show She d Quok Vet (v.) to show a female your dick, thereby indicating that you are going to have sex with her
Guy #1: man i dont know what to do melissa doesnt want to have sex and i think im getting blue balls
Guy #2: its aiight guy... relax just bring her to urr place and show she d Quok Vet
by Beyenne October 08, 2007
(verb) normally a varied use of the term show her, usually used in conjunction with a hyped up events that tend not to be as good as definition of said event was.

Although the person to be shown said event is generally thought as a female, it may also be a male.
George: Dude Gary, melissa is coming over, show she that new tattoo you got on your ass
by beyenne September 27, 2010
a straight male who has very gay tendencies, may also be termed a metro male. Noodles can generally be found in dance teams, cross country teams and cheerleading troops.

On occasion a Noodle may become aware of his tendencies and embrace them, evolving into a gay male. The evolution to a fully fledged gay may be stopped and the Noodle may go on to become a completely straight male with no homosexual traits if the said Noodle becomes aware of his acts and want to change.

Nb. Altho a Noodle may become either a Straight or Gay male, once he does in fact make the transition to one or the other he is never able to return to being a Noodle (see LAWS OF CUPBOARDS)
John: Dude did you just see that Noodle playing Ultimate Frizz... LOL... he may as well jump out of the Closet and conform to his mind.
by Beyenne September 27, 2010
the term given to people when they roll like a cockblock and try to fuck up people in all bad senses of the word. people who act as such persons are usually given new names such as Walt (after Walt Disney who created Mickey Mouse... the most fucking annoying mutherfucking cartoon EVER... TWICE)
RAWKUS: but, but, but... BUT WHY d man does move soooo MICKY!!!!
Person #2: i dont know but he really moving MICKY as Cunt... i think thats why hes WALT... fucking ass
by Beyenne October 08, 2007

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