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Faceparty - craftyape:

The best social networking website around.
The admin actually look after the people that use the website, set up meets and throw the best parties in exsitance. There are about 1000 if not more regulars on the site, which generaly tend to get along with each other, then there is the lurkers, people get along with them but some of them are fakes, or people just using the site to promote the buisiness or get their cock wet.
to get onto the site you have to make friends with the admin or the regulars to obtain a password, and if you disobey any of the rules you will get band
All of the above and much more make this site the best thing ever.... In the whole world
20/12/2008 - Mushroom party - best partu ever

11/4/2009 - Marshmallow party - Next best faceparty ever
by bextah May 01, 2009

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