2 definitions by bevin loves boggles

a ruthless game played by uni students in savage new zealand universities where one will proceed to take a pooh somewhere in anothers house, room, flat etc. the pooh should be strategically placed so that it is nearly impossible to find and will stink for ages.
was playing find the pooh with bevin the other day and i popped a squat in a hole in his mattress and he thought he shat himself since! still hasnt found it! i win!
by bevin loves boggles May 13, 2007
another word for beer goggles, i.e. drinking sweet amounts of beer and then thinking that your amazingly unsexy flatmate is a blonde stunner who wants insane hot sex with you then you wake up next to her the next morning scream and slap her in the face with your foot long penis.
i think bevin had his boggles on last night cos he took that chick home who lokks like the grinch that stole christmas, and then I saw her today and she had a big mushroom shaped welt on her forehead! spot on bevin!
by bevin loves boggles May 13, 2007

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